CoinLUCK ($CLK) Token
  • Main token, fixed supply 10,000,000,000 CLK
  • Treasury mechanism
  • Gorvenance/membership token
    • Voting rights
  • Store of value token
    • Deflationary model (burning)
  • Can be used to buy MTF with a discounted price (bonding)
  • Staking token
    • NFT reward, airdrop
    • MTF reward
MetaFi ($MTF) Token
  • MetaLUCK metaverse token, no max supply
  • MTF is bought by CLK or ETH, BNB
  • Has tax on transfer activities
  • Mint mechanism
    • In treasury while bonding CLK paired LP, DAI, wETH, wBTC..
  • Burn mechanism
    • Market buy back from treasury and burned on price threshold
  • Staking mechanism